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The portrait

My work is manifested in the need to capture the real image of my models, and not in their figure, in who they are, in their inner self, in what distinguishes them and makes them unique, thus entering their world. more intimate, focusing on the search for the feelings that overwhelm them.

This situation is a hyperlink that leads to many paths of meaning. On the one hand, my characters proclaim their inescapable identity, as a way of achieving a certain permanence in the face of the changing contemporary world, in which it seems that things arise and then quickly disappear. . And on the other hand, that desire of the individual to be the same is amalgamated, with his desire to belong to a collective identity that contains him.

This sum of status, behaviors and ideas, makes the person unique.

My portraits can be interpreted as the equivalent of a permanent gaze, which maintains them beyond time.

I attach great importance to the strength of color as a way of providing the portrait with a symbolic aura, thus managing the painting as if it were the same skin so that my portraits are really of a certain person and not similar to her.

We face alone the great events of our lives: birth, life, and death. We are absolutely alone.

And this is how my characters appear alone in front of the viewer, proclaiming the emancipation of their spirit, oblivious to any external form.

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